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  • Muscle Pass – Instant Download

    Muscle Pass – Instant Download


    In this video Ian teaches the real work on the muscle pass. This is a move that is easy to do badly, but for the first time you will learn the correct way to perform the move, plus a training programm ...

  • Virtual Sessions – The Lot

    Virtual Sessions – The Lot


    This DVD-ROM has all the Virtual Sessions files, plus all five How to Do Stuff CDs – Basic Coin Magic, Basic Chip Tricks, Bastard Hard Moves made Easy, Tops, Seconds and Bottoms and Mucking Hard ...

  • Theory Chat – Stage Fright

    Theory Chat – Stage Fright


    This is the sixth video from Egotistical Opinions. In this six minute lesson Ian explains his approach for conquering stage fright, a proven method that may sound strange, but one that means stage fri ...

  • Theory Chat – Practicing

    Theory Chat – Practicing


    This is the fifth video from Egotistical Opinions. In this six minute lesson Ian talks about the correct way to approach practising and how to get the most from your practice sessions. ...

  • Theory Chat – Visual Noise

    Theory Chat – Visual Noise


    This is the third video from Egotistical Opinions. This ten minute lesson talks about the concept of visual noise, and how you can control your body language so that you are not distracting to watch. ...

  • Basic Coin Magic Instant Download

    Basic Coin Magic Instant Download


    This CD teaches the sleights you need to know if you plan to start working with coins. Beginning with basic techniques such as the classic palm and false tranfers and moving up to some more demanding ...