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Three Found Cards

An amazing card revelation

Three Found Cards is straight from Ian’s close up and stand up shows. The magician divines three cards under the fairest conditions. Watch the full performance and trailer by clicking the button!

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Mathematical Oddities that don't make sense.

Proof is a collection of strange mathematical proofs where you can show, convincingly, that things are not always what they seem. To most people, the idea that ‘minus one’ is equal to ‘one’ might sound barmy, or that Pi=2, or 4, or that 4=5, but that is what you will be able to prove with this video.

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Basic Training The Book

A complete course in sleight of hand.

Basic Training is a collection of Ian’s award winning columns from M-U-M magazine. Detailed lessons with cards, coins, ropes, balls and a whole lot more, close up and stand up magic, it’s filled with hints and tips that only come from real world experience.

249 pages
322 photographs
2 bonus lessons on the classic pass and the top change.