About Ian Kendall

Ian Kendall has been a professional magician for over twenty five years, and has been teaching for over thirty. He has performed all over the world, in almost every situation, and he has gleaned an enormous amount of experience and knowledge in this time.

Luckily, he also has the skills to pass on this knowledge. He has taken three separate teaching qualifications, and has taught magic to students all over the world. His previous teaching videos have all received glowing reviews, and he was awarded the Leslie P Guest trophy for Excellence in Magic by the Society of American Magicians for his column Basic Training in their house magazine M-U-M.

Ian arrived at the tail end of the sixties, and quickly found a passionate interest in both magic and science. He was at the forefront of the 80s computer boom, and arrived at Edinburgh University in 1987 to study Electrical Engineering. Instead of finishing his degree, he left for Macon GA, where he qualified as a commercial pilot and flight instructor before returning to Scotland in 1991.

Since then he has worked as a science teacher, magician, IT consultant and trainer. He lives in Edinburgh with his wife and two children.